Purpose The Site

The goal of this website is to document, organize, and present my work with machine learning. That work includes training models of the type Object-Detection, GANs, and DDPMs, with more to come.

Where Can You Get The Code

At the time of writing, nowhere yet. But I will be releasing my code on my github page in the near future. 95% of my code are Jupyter Notebooks utilizing the Google Colab environment.

Why “Kettukaa”?

I wanted a pseudonym that had meaning that was closely linked to the primary subject of my work, foxes. So I went on Google Translate and cycled through the languages until I landed on the Finnish “Kettu.” I wanted a little extra so I added the ending “kaa” for flair.


This website was created through Github Pages using the Reverie template. I have to give it to Github, their system with Jekyll and hosting sites works straight out of the box and is easily adaptable. 10/10.